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Size: Medium

Particularly on hot days, dogs can use some help to stay cool, that’s why the Cooling Mat is the perfect solution to help your dog regulate their body temperature in the Summer months. The mat supports thermoregulation with a cooling effect through body contact without additional cooling, electricity or water to work.

Featuring a raindrop design and nylon look (polyester), the Cooling Mat is easy to use and portable so you can take it with you on holiday or day trips. The product works for several hours but your pet should step off the mat (break body contact) every couple of hours to help it recharge.

Ready to be used again after a short interruption,the mat can be used on beds, in a crate or car, etc. If the mat is dirty, it can be easily wiped and cleaned with a damp cloth.


Medium: 50 x 40cm

Large: 65 x 50cm

Extra Large: 90 x 50cm


Your pet should always use the product of its own free will and be able to choose when it wants to go to the product or leave it. The product does not prevent overheating in the car.

Please check the product regularly for damages and exchange it if necessary. Cats and dogs with sharp or long claws as well as heavy dogs can cause holes. A towel or similar reduces the danger of holes but also reduces the cooling effect.

Do not use in the sun. Do not use or store at temperatures over 45 °C. The gel contained might get too hot and turn liquid, and as a result lose its cooling effect.

Customer Reviews

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David Howe
Great buy

Lovely looking cool mat. Our schnauzer fits perfectly. Idea it a lot to keep cool.