A regular occurrence on programs like You've Been Framed and constantly on Youtube, Dog Zoomies are entertaining people across the globe, but does anyone know why they occur? Why does your dog suddenly run hell for leather and career around the garden like a possessed pooch?


Well Dog Zoomies or Frapping (Stands for Frantic, Random, Activity, Period) is a natural part of every dogs life, some dogs will only have these periods during puppyhood some will have zoomies for their whole lives.

 The reason for Zoomies is still unclear but the most common theory is when a dog has had a quiet period for a long time during the day and has to burn off excess energy, this could be because they have been in the house most of the day because it has been raining or you have been out, they get outside and immediatley have this sudden burst of energy which causes what you see before you;

  • Infrequent play bowing (front elbows down, bum in the air)
  • Running large circles around the garden
  • Running at high speed
  • Not the most delicate of running, limbs bounding around with no care
  • Crashing into things without noticing 





      All these things are a normal part of Zoomies. Also selective deafness may occur when you shout 'Look Out!' or 'Slow Down' as this is a period of what most owners call 'Craziness'.

      What to do when Zoomies occur?

      Preferably move your dog outside, as there are less obstacles and things they could potentially break.

      Try not to be tempted to chase your dog during this period, although it looks like a lot of fun, chasing your dog when they are having their Zoomies may excite them further and they may not stop until they are truly worn out.

      Some dogs may be more prone to Zoomies if they are bored, so giving them mental stimulation may help reduce the occurrence or Zoomies. Treat balls that they can play with, puzzles, snuffle mats etc. all good activities to keep your high energy pup happy.

       When a dog has Zoomies, they are not bad, dangerous or crazy, most of the time they are just very happy.

       Have you experienced dog Zoomies, maybe you caught it on video, we would love to see and hear from you.

      Have a great week guys.


      Betty & Butch Team



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      • Angel Moore