Staff and Their Dogs- Misty Edition



Hello humans, my name is Misty and my human is Caitlin who works here.

I'm going to tell you a little about myself and then maybe tell you about my human.

I am a rescue, my human got me at 8 months old, I had had no training, I didn't know what a walk or a lead was and I was so hyper that I would go until I could go no more and fall asleep.

Caitlin (my human) helped me by changing my food to the yummy Betty & Butch pork and apple which I think is really tasty and took me on my first ever walk which was SUPER exciting! I met lots of doggies and got lots of smells up my nose, now I get walked every day and I have two house mates which I stay with during the day, they are called Cassie and Cooper, they are boxers and all white. I play with Cooper a lot and Cassie plays with me too but when I bark at her she doesn't bark back, don't think he can hear me, my human tells me she is deaf, whatever that is.

My favourite toy is my orange rubber dumbbell which I always have close by, I throw it around when I am happy. 

Caitlin gives me tendons as a special treat which are really yummy and they take me a while to chew but my favourite treats are chicken and garlic sausages, they are super yummy!

Caitlin bought me something that goes round my neck called a bandana, I like it a lot and when she takes it off me to put it in the spinny machine I sit and watch it go round till she takes it back out and puts it back on me, she says it looks cute on me.

Now mummy has told me that I need to say what I think she does and what I think of her so here goes;

She works somewhere that smells like sausages because every time she comes home that's all I can smell.

She really likes dogs, especially me and my roommates.

She loves to talk about dogs, dog food and all things doggy, probably because she cares so much about me she only wants the best for me and all my doggy friends.

She has other creatures like really big cow looking things (horses), three of them, two black and one blonde, they like to sniff me and I lick their noses when they do, two fluffy things that are smaller than me, I think she said they were called cats, and their names are Timmy and BD, and some small flappy things that mummy said are called chickens.

Mummy tells me that working at Betty & Butch is like working with a big family; they all get along and work well together doing their best to bring customers the best quality products and service they can provide. She loves the variety of products they stock for dogs of every shape and size. It’s a friendly, fun and enjoyable place to work with the added bonus of meeting lots of lovely dogs every day.

She also said that what attracted her to the company in the first place was the quirky name and the ethos (whatever that is), she has always believed that dogs should have the best quality, as close to nature as possible, products and foods to keep them happy and healthy. She has worked in different areas of the pet industry and everywhere she has been the education about pet products has always been her top priority because without the knowledge people don’t know right from wrong. 

Well I think that's all I can say about me and my human Caitlin so I will let you all get back to your walks, treats and fusses.

Keep Wagging



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