Meet The Shoppers- Hiya the Labradoodle

Meet The Shoppers- Hiya the Labradoodle


The First in what is hoped to be a successful series of Dog Interviews.

Questions and Answers from some of our very lovely, regular customers.

This Week we have Hiya the Chocolate Labradoodle!

Breed: Labradoodle

Age: 9 months

Owner(s): Bethany, Logan & Niel 

Shops At: Betty & Butch Hale

Why do you Shop at Betty & Butch?


What is your favorite product?

 Venison Sausages

How long have you shopped at Betty & Butch?

 Since opening, approx. 6 months

What do you like about the shop?

 Room to roam, play and have fun!

I get to pick my own treats!

I love the bandanas! I now have 6 and two jumpers and I keep coming back for more!

Lots of toys to play with, I especially like the Wobble Ball filled with treats!

What do you like about the?

 Caitlin plays with me every time I come in!

She is really friendly and is always excited to see me.

What would you like us to stock that we don't currently stock?

 Julius K-9 Harnesses as I have one and I think other doggies will like them too

Equifleece to keep me cosy in the winter as well as keeping me dry in the rain.

What sort of Events would you like to see in store?

 Dog Parties and Puppy Play Events

I came to the Puppy Brunch and made lots of new friends and would like to make more.

Any other comments?

 Betty & Butch is a wonderful addition to Hale, its friendly and fun and gives every dog and dog owner alike a place to go and enjoy brilliant products, friendly staff and quality time with their dog.

That was an 'Interview' with Hiya and her owner Bethany. Hiya is a valued customer as are all our customers. If you would like to have your dog 'Interviewed' then get in touch by emailing, contacting us on Facebook or Instagram. Let us know which shop you shop at and your dogs name and we can then arrange a face to face 'interview' or ask questions via email etc.

Betty & Butch Team


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