Bonfire Fright!

Bonfire Fright!

Remember Remember to prepare your pets this 5th of November.

After Howloween has been and gone soon comes Bonfire Night. This is a lovely time of year, Big Bonfires and beautiful firework displays. When this is going on you need to make sure your dog is calm and comfortable. Some dogs are perfectly fine with fireworks and some will even watch them with you but others can get very stressed.

Dealing with a stressed dog during fireworks seasons can be difficult, but don't be tempted to hug and hold them tight because this will clarify that there is something to worry about.

Best things to do:

Build the dog a nest or fort:
Sounds silly but if your dog has a crate for example put a blanket over the top of it to make it dark/ dull and warm in there, this way the noise is lowered slightly and they can see less of the flashing lights. This makes them feel secure almost like a den would in the wild.

Keep them occupied on something else:
Give them a long lasting chew, something that they really have to concentrate on or even give them a treat ball or puzzle box, this will draw their attention away from the commotion outside and allow them to relax in their own time.

Calming Products:
If you know that your dog really doesn't like this time of year then prepare yourself early. There are lots of calming products available.

In store we have:

Calm Extra
liquid which can be put on food or in water, this contains natural herbs and botanicals to calm the mind and body.

Woof & Brew Anxiety Tonic-
This contains herbs such and Chamomile and Milk Thistle for a natural calming effect.

Pooch & Mutt Calming Crunchies-
Herbs and vitamins such as Chamomile & L-Carnetine for their endorphin releasing qualities contained in a tasty treat.

Monty Calm & Relaxed Spray-
Containing Marjoram & Clary Sage for a natural aromatherapy treatment.

YuCalm Tablets- Containing Lemon Balm (for soothing stress and reducing anxiety levels) and L-Theanine (for production of serotonin, a calming compound, and dopamine, the happy chemical in the brain). 

All these products and more can be purchased from both our Hale & Chorlton Stores and if you need any advice on which products you need chat to one of our team members who will be happy to help.

Enjoy the Holiday Seasons with No Worries.

Betty & Butch

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