Tackling those tricky coats


Our dog’s coats are a really effective way of ascertaining if something is going on, and at times we are not maintaining them correctly.

So what are the signs of a healthy coat?

A healthy coat looks good. It should be bouncy and shiny, not limp or bristly.

It should feel smooth, even wiry-haired dogs. If the hair is brittle and broken then it’s time to do something about it.

It should smell good. Obviously if you’ve just been on a mammoth walk through the dales then you may have to get that mutt to the bath quick sharp, but in general your doggy shouldn’t stink. If he or she does there may be something going on with their skin that you need to address.

Washing your dog should help - not hinder. Many dog soaps and shampoos remove oils from the hair and skin – avoid these as they’ll create more problems in the long run. Betty & Butch Wash the Dog products actually put more oils in than they take out and they 100% natural and are made from plant extracts and essential oils.

So, the dog is clean, but not so smooth and shiny?

Grab a pot of the Betty & Butch Dog Coat Butter - it’s amazing stuff and has been one of the fastest sellers that we’ve ever known. With a beautiful blend of Coconut oil, Shea butter, Hemp oil, Lavender and Rosemary this is a premier product – the most luscious dog coat butter ever.

Our customers are feeding back that even the most knotty and tangled dogs are looking like they have just been groomed. Use it as you would a conditioner – after washing, apply sparingly for 1 minute and rinse off.

Your dog will be a show-stopper.

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  • Annie Cunningham