Demand better food for your dog


The dog food marketplace is packed with messages that are designed to tie us in to brands that are insisting that they are the best thing for our dogs.

In reality, a large amount of the ‘good’ food that is being touted is far from it, but just how are we to know?

Let’s consider what we demand from our food manufacturers. Most of us have now got enough knowledge about what we are putting in our bodies to not accept second-rate food sources. Legislation has made it more and more difficult for manufacturers to blind-side us with ambivalent statements and unsubstantiated claims. So, why are we not demanding the same for our pets, when the food they eat has the same impact?

It may be because big brands are marketing their products using terms like ‘natural’, ‘health’ or ‘nature’ which may lead us to becoming long-term customers, inadvertently buying sub-standard food.

The pet food industry hoodwinks us (by using labels like ‘nutrition’ or ‘formula’) into believing that we are purchasing the very best for our pets, when in a lot of cases we are not.

As pet owners we should be demanding honesty from pet food manufacturers because there is a market for decent food and there is a body of producers who are actually concerned enough to offer a healthy and affordable alternative.

Betty & Butch are committed to providing nutritious and delicious food and treats to dogs all around the world by offering a high street service and an online shop that makes it easy to access the very best in dog food.

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  • Annie Cunningham