Refrain from the Grain


We are bombarded by nutritional facts that are so absurd and contradictory they often leave us not knowing what to eat, bar that sad looking lettuce in the back of the fridge.

We can, however, apply much more accurate information to the foods we should be feeding our dogs.

Research has unilaterally proved that we should refrain from the grain, and here’s the biology as to why.

Being a meat eating carnivore, a dog’s stomach is 65% of their digestive system while their intestinal tract is about 35%.

Meat is a quick source of food to digest and so will pass from the stomach, having been digested, into and through the intestine before purification occurs. That’s the important thing, the speed of propulsion.

Now, if you introduce grain (slow to digest) the short intestine will not allow the grain to be fully digested before elimination. The grain will also slow down digestion, holding up the elimination of the meat and causing potential putrefaction in the stomach – leading to difficulties for the dog.

That is why our Duck and Potato and our Turkey, Sweet Potato and Cranberry dry foods are our best sellers. We’ve had great feedback from our customers that soon after they switched to our grain-free they noticed a difference in their dogs. Happy dogs, happy customers.


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  • Annie Cunningham