Betty’s underDOG challenge is a year-long campaign to support local dog charities that get overlooked for funding or need vital exposure for their amazing work.

Betty & Butch have been reaching out to local and independent rescue charities and as part of our year-long campaign, we will highlight un-sung heroes and bring you their stories.

Each month there will have a different charity in-store to raise awareness and answer any questions you might have.  You can read their interviews here in Betty’s underDOG blog and keep up to date with upcoming events.

Read our interview with ERIN HOUNDS below.


Erin Hounds is a Cheshire based registered charity established to rescue, rehabilitate and find loving homes for Irish sighthounds that face an uncertain future in Ireland. We keep things small so that we can give the dogs in our care the very best opportunities and we always offer full rescue back up to all our dogs.

How and when did it start?

Erin was founded in 2008 by a group of committed volunteers based in Cheshire & Ireland. It was started due to the desperate plight faced by Irish sight hounds who most often need to find homes in other countries.

How many people work for you / volunteer?

We have no paid staff and our charity operates entirely with volunteers most of whom work full time in their day jobs. We have a small core of volunteers who manage the day to day operations and an excellent larger team of fosterers and fundraisers.

What's been your best experience to date?

Every time we can offer rescue space to a dog in need and then find them a family and sofa of their own.

What's been the worst experience to date?

Having to say no when resources can’t be stretched to meet an ever-increasing demand.

If you could wave a magic wand to make something better - what would it be?

An immediate end to greyhound racing, overbreeding and exploitation. A world where animals are treated with respect and dignity.

What advice would you give to people about rescue dogs?

Rescue doesn’t mean damaged it just means that they have been let down by humans. Most dogs are extremally resilient and forgiving. With any dog, you just need to find the right dog for the right home. That applies whether you are getting a dog from a shelter or buying one from a breeder.

How can the people in our communities help your team?

By opening their homes and hearts to rescue dogs, offering to become foster families or by raising funds and awareness.

Do you have someone within your organisation who is an unsung hero? That you would like to nominate for special recognition?

The beauty of our organisation is that we all work as a team, each of us always has the best interest of the dogs at the forefront of everything we do.

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